Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Oprah

Yes, Barak Obama will probably be the next president of the United States. His candidacy marks a progressive twist in American elections, however, a few things trouble me mightily.
Firstly, does anyone else realize that Oprah Winfrey has selected who will be the next president? Before she gave him the "Winfrey Bump" he was way behind Clinton. Should we allow an uneducated billionaire to choose our president? Um, I think that happened before and it did not work out so well. I am not saying Barack will not bring changes and be a good choice, I am merely pointing out the disturbing fact of how much power Oprah has. Why? Can anyone tell me why she is so powerful?
Secondly, I liked Obama's speech, but I cannot really listen to the guy without getting a small chuckle. He sounds like the Rock. Try and deny it, but he does. The way he was talking I expected him to break out, "And come November 4th, I'm going open up a can of whup-ass on John McCain. Then I'll whup the whole damn republican party! Hell, I'll take them right now!" When he was calling McCain out for debates I half expected him to rip off his shirt jump and step into the ring pounding a couple of chairs on the mat.
Thirdly, despite Oprah's endorsement, I hope Obama wins. We need change and he may be the person to do it. To get there will be a long, brutal battle and I hope he is ready to succeed.

Things I liked This Summer?
1) The Celtics won!
2) The Olympics - man, you figure you'll just watch for 20 minutes but watching volleyball (go beach!) is so intensely awesome you cannot stop.
3) Hackey sack - not just for hippies anymore!
4) Fruit - I love the summer season of fruit, it is so delicious! Mmm, berries and peaches and nectarines and strawberries and blueberries and at reasonable prices!
5) USC dominating Virginia - Mark Sanchez played wonderfully and Joe McKnight looks a lot like a young Reggie Bush. Love watching this team play well.
6) Book (s) of the week-
Harry Potter 1 through 7 - I swore up and down a few years ago I would never read them. I never saw the movies or read the books until 3 weeks ago. I finished all 7 in that time. JK Rowling deserves all the accolades for getting kids to read and her plots are wonderful. They are by no means the best books of all time, but they are entertaining. Anything that gets kids to read is okay by me.

Things I intensely Disliked this Summer
1) That we all seem to have forgotten about Kobe Bryant and what he did.
2) Did China win the Olympics Russian Boycott style? Were there athletes properly vetted? Nice to see China trading with Dominican for passports.
3) The Republican Party - Sarah Pallin, well played to get back into the race. Hopefully, in our society today, the issues around her will not factor in. However, it said the daughter will marry the guy who knocked her up, is that just so her mother has a better shot in November? If so, that is awful, simply awful.
4) No sun in the last two weeks! C'mon!
5) Canadian elections - no one is paying attention and that is never good, but as I've said before, our politics just are not that interesting. At least it will bring about the end of ineffective liberal leader Stephan Dion. New blood is desperately needed.

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