Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Joy of Re-Reading

In the dog days of summer reading is a favorite occupation on the beach and in the parks.  Nothing beats reading in the sunshine with a cool drink.  Summer is a time for action packed, exciting books which require little or no deep thought. 
Another great joy of summer is re-reading some old favorites.  Occasionally I will re-read books, but generally only if they are complex enough to demand it.  This summer has been different: I have torn through three of my all-time favorites.  Here are my re-reading faves and perfect summer books:

Darkness Take My Hand by Dennis Lehane - I last read this book in 2007 and it has been awhile since I went back to this classic.  Reading it took me down a dark and deep rabbit hole and made me want to tear through the rest of Lehane's catalogue (if you have never read Lehane before start with the Patrick Kenzie series before hitting Mystic River).  This is a fantastic meditation on violence and the creation of darkness within all of our souls.  Prepare to spend way too much time on the beach trying to read this book in one day.

The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow - I read this one every couple of years, it is one of my favorites.  Taking on the Mexican Drug Cartels and the complex government conspiracies which allowed they to become emeshed into the fabric of Mexican society, Winslow has written a great book.  At times it stretches some credulity but overall it rings true.  This is a horrifying and deeply thematic book and is meant to be read and enjoyed over and again.

The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum - It had been more than a decade since I read this classic (some call it the best book Ludlum wrote) and it lived up to my memory.  A deep action and plot driven book push this into the upper echelon of spy thrillers.  There is a complex web of intrigue going on in addition to a couple of great characters.  Thrilling and intense this is the perfect beach book. 

What are the books you re-read? 

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